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Gift & Loyalty

Gift and loyalty programs get customers into your store or business and most consumers tend to spend more than the value of their card. Loyalty programs are an excellent opportunity for your business to reward and reinforce repeat visits and personal referrals from your customers.

Custom Designed Plastic Gift or Loyalty Cards

Custom Designed Paper Loyalty Cards

Strengthen your relationship with current customers and attract new prospects with:

What is a Gift Card?

A Gift Card is a specific dollar amount and is used as cash for future purchases.  Since cards are generally given to others as a gift, gift cards increase the businesses customer base.  Businesses may decide to set certain dollar amounts ($10, 20, 50, 0r 100).  The card is custom with the business' logo display on it.  The dollar amount is set. Gift cards have replaced labor intensive paper gift certificates in many businesses.

What is a Loyalty Card?

Like Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards are plastic or even paper cards with terms to get your customer to reuse it and visit you again and again.  Loyalty cards help merchants to track customer visit or purchases and make it easy to reward your loyal customers.  Most loyalty programs use a point system to track data like number of visits, purchase amounts and special dates or customer referrals.  Accumulated points are then redeemed for free items, discounts, dollar off coupons or special offers.

Increase Sales

Increase Cash Flow

Increased Marketing

Increased Profitability

Increase Consumer Traffic

Increase Customer Loyalty

Gift Card and or Loyalty Card programs are another product and profit center. Taking up less than three square inches of counter space and giving your business added exposure and credibility. Improve profitability, as customers will pay full price more often, make bigger purchases and spend more than the original card value by 65% on average. American Express is estimating gift card balances surpassing 1 billion dollars in the next few years. No more wrong size or color, equals less re-stocking and instead of returning cash or making credits the funds are debited or credited to out standing balances. Breakage, shoppers that forget, loss and don't use the full amount on the card can be as much as 14 - 22%.

Howard Davidowitz, chairman of  Davidowitz & Associates of  New York an investment banker estimates 40% of shoppers will buy Gift Cards this year, totaling $50 billion in sales,  Houston Chronicle 12/02/03.

StarBucks reported a thirty two percent increase in business, offering gift cards. Use gift cards to increase traffic, every card sold is a potential new customer coming in.

Fatburger Restaurants is reporting there gift card sales sky rocketed in it's 60 restaurants 662% since switching from paper certificates to Gift Cards last year. 10/04

Consumer Insights reports: The percent of adults who purchased or received a Gift Card in the past 12 months reached 64% in August 04, up from 36% in 2001.

Use them for returns, instead of cash or giving bank card credits, give store credit, keep the funds in your register.



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